Muslims colony in delhi
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Jamia Nagar – Delhi’s elite housing society for Muslims changing skyline

Jamia Nagar may be crowded but as a Muslim dominated area in Delhi, it is a proud home to professors, doctors, bureaucrats, engineers and journalists in several localities such as Zakir, Zakir Nagar West (Gadda Colony), Noor nagar, Gaffar manzil, Abul Fazal Enclave, Shaheen Bagh etc. Yes, it is possible through the concept “group housing” started by visionary Muslims in the form of Jamia Nagar properties after the continuous house-hunt for common Muslims was turned down and looked with suspicion. This vision is ensuring infrastructural development in several surrounding areas as well in the form of Sukhdev Vihar, Sarita Vihar, New Friends Colony, Josola etc.

The initiative of Jamia Nagar Properties was done with a futuristic approach to give proper dwelling for a fast growing and emerging Muslim community with an eye of creating educated and modern Jamia Nagar and its surrounding areas. This Muslim residential area in Delhi i.e Jamia Nagar is home to former Union Minister of External Affairs Salman Khurshid and has a renowned Jamia Millia Islamia University too. The area is well connected with Masjids while many are architecturally designed as well, signifying the extent of attachment which worshippers have in their upkeep.

How residents have found their modern home in the Muslim dominated area in Delhi?

Yes, this middle-class community is aspired to live a life of dignity and respect in the metropolitan city and has developed its own cooperative society reflecting on its modernity. This posh Muslim area in Delhi provides a safe, luxurious, serene, calm and modern lifestyle by attracting inhabitants from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal and elsewhere from diverse fields dotted by modern bikes and cars too. There are also those families whose head either work in gulf or other Indian cities and have developed an obvious liking for the place as well.

Delhi of a new era has witnessed number of apartments of late where many could be seen given the final touches with placement of idols discouraging majority of prospective Muslims buyers and tenets to think twice, before making it their home for life. This is where the housing e-portal such as Jamia Nagar properties have cached in the demand of Muslims with similar wants and needs to be grouped together

Formation of Muslim dominated area in Delhi namely Jamia Millia

Jamia Nagar is an addition to profound reflection of how communities were forced to create their own division on ethnic lines much like Sikh community associated with Tilak Nagar. History is witness to grim reminder about the chilling incident of 1984 riots then 1992 riots followed by 2001 Godhra carnage which was marred by communal riots on various Indian cities. Most of the sufferers weren’t living together which made them an easy target for the arsonist. Hence, the feeling to developing housing colonies with a far sighted approach started to grew even stronger.

Even though the elite could have afforded independent houses elsewhere, yet their natural and obvious choice of owning a proud and prized home in the southern part of the city in Muslim dominated area in Delhi doesn’t raise eyeballs for sure.

The necessity of an educated community to co-exist in Jamia Nagar (proximity to Jamia Millia Islamia University) could only be possible as families have taken education seriously. Yes, it is indeed fast becoming the hub of coaching centers assisting students with competitive exams, English speaking as well as computer classes. Even the attached madrasas with Masjids help students take religious education in Muslim dominated area in Delhi seriously.

The brisk business depicting the kind of prospective buyers Jamia Millia witnesses streamline the needs with any posh locality such as chain store of Aggarwal Sweets. The place equally holds proximity not just to shops, but colleges, schools, hospitals, bus stop, hotels, as markets bustle.

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