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Welcome to Jamia Nagar Properties

Jamia Nagar Properties is a real-estate agent as well as consultant firm which offers easy, quick and hassle free solutions for buyers looking to own their preferred home. Our years of expertise towards helping clients with their customized requirements have made us the obvious firm known for fulfilling the tailored needs. Our in-grained passion has further added value to our services, thus enhancing the trust factor. We regard every single transaction as a stepping stone towards creating “happy” and “satisfied” “Jamia Nagar Family” for our clients who have bestowed enough faith and has made us what we are today

Our Exemplary Staff

We highly value experience as we are a team of knowledgeable and specialized staff to give you an aura of exclusiveness right at one place. Yes, as an advisory firm, Jamia Nagar Properties is best known for imparting professionalized services through the process of “Buy-Sell-Rent” which are as follows:-

  • We not just help you with the best investment options but we manage the portfolios of clients as well.
  • Our diverse but exclusive areas of specialization helps us in giving sophisticated advise relating with property management, interior or legal matters.
  • Before we associate with the specific property, we do a thorough background check to help ascertain the actual value of property by equally looking at its legal aspect as well.

Prime problems making ordeal of home-hunting of buyers further challenging

  • We know how taxing it becomes for purchasers who are often subjected to irresponsible behavior by the agents who usually mislead them with their “over-zealous, raw, tender and “over- enthusiastic” approach.
  • We also know, it turns out to be a harrowing experience when you don’t want to compromise on basic aspects such as the locality or property is yet to get legal clearance or there isn’t sufficient parking space for your four-wheeler. But even then you are convinced to purchase anyhow, where the agents make hollow claims, that “work is in process” and “things will get good soon” etc
  • We also know when the top floor of the certain apartment may not work for you, but you are persuaded to atleast look at it, thus wasting your precious time and energy.
  • Similarly, you hardly come to know the actual owner as one broker simply ties up with another denoting a long chain signifying uncertainty.

Yes, these chaos and confusion may well take a toll on both your professional and personal life where owning your “dream property” may well turn out to be a subject of anxiety. However, all of that is going to change for better with

How different Jamia Nagar Properties are

We are just a call away

We are just a phone call away as we create customized list of properties based on your requirement in terms of your area, budget, type of house and parking space etc to send you complete information online

Creating customized list as per your requirement

We at Jamia Nagar Properties create customized list of properties based on your requirement.

Arranging cab for out-stationed candidates on request

For out-stationed clients, we help you arrange stay (if you so desire) We also offer pick and drop, based on your request

Fixing of appointment

We fix an appointment based on your mutual convenience in terms of date and timing; where we initiate direct meeting with the actual owners of the properties which we have zeroed as per your expectations.

Final Thoughts

As you get in touch with Jamia Nagar Properties, you don’t have to wonder from street to street in search for placards displaying “House for sale” or consult agents which eventually turn out to be a chain of brokers and literally give you nightmarish experience. So, make your life at ease with Jamia Nagar Properties and experience the pleasant change yourself.

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